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Culture and history
at first-hand

the museum world of the region

South Tyrol is known for its numerous museums, which are often located in historic buildings. Here you learn the history of the country and exciting, thrilling stories about the culture, people and life. Visit the museums, for example, as part of a hike or on a day trip. In the evening, after returning, then relax with the 4-course menu at the Hotel Bergblick.
Bergblick im schönen Ratschingstal

The Hunting and Fishing Museum
at Wolfsthurn Castle in Mareit

The South Tyrolean Hunting and Fishing Museum is housed in Wolfsthurn Castle and provides an insight into the history of the region. Here you will find a cultural and historical exhibition on hunting and fishing, while visiting the magnificent rooms of the castle. These were kept largely in their original condition and ensure a pure castle feeling. On a tour in Wolfsthurn castle you get a glimpse into the lives of the nobility in the 18th and 19th centuries. The themed trail “Forest and Water” takes you from the parish church to the castle and will make you familiarize with the forces of nature in our region.
Südtirol Urlaub

The Mining Museum
Schneeberg in Ridnaun

The Mining Museum Schneeberg in Ridnaun is part of the South Tyrolean mining museum, which consists of five museum structures. The ore deposits of Schneeberg is located at an altitude of 2000-2500 meters and runs through the ridge. The economic use was first mentioned in 1237 and is based on extensive silver finds. 70 tunnels, where more than 1,000 people worked, were already created here 1500. Today in the mining museum you can get an impression of the life of the workers and of the previous situation in the South Tyrolean mining.

The Multscher
and City museum in Sterzing

The two museums are located in the former hospital in Sterzing and were brought together here. The building complex is located next to the parish church of “Our Lady of the Moss” and served the Teutonic Knights in the 13th century as a hostel. Today it houses the town’s museum, which tells interesting facts and stories about the former Fugger city. The Multscher museum, however, is devoted to a person, the Meisterhans Multscher, which comes from Ulm. Among other things, here there is a late Gothic altar, which is a true masterpiece in its class. On the altarpieces pictures of the Passion of Christ and the Life of Mary are represented.


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