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Pure indulgence…

Pure indulgence...

Our wellness oasis “Lebenszauber” awaits you for relaxing and soothing hours. The special lounger with Alpha quartz sand invites you to dream in the soothing warmth of the sand. We use high quality, natural products from a local company. For your personal well-being experience contact our qualified staff member, who will be happy to advise you.



Relaxing or Cleansing Massages – Full-body massage

With gentle kneading movements and firm pressure, tensions are eased. The massage activates the blood circulation of your body, releases energy and offers soothing well-being.

Duration 50 min. € 52,00


Relaxing or Cleansing Massages – Partial massage

Ideal for tension in the neck and back, or even for tired and heavy legs. The targeted treatment sustainably harmonizes worn-out body parts.

Duration 25 min. € 28,00


Activating foot massage

Particular points on the soles of your feet that reflect the various organs are treated with this technique, and thus the functions of the body are stimulated.

Duration 25 min. € 28,00


Hay bath – A balm for body and soul

The guest is bedded in the warm, fragrant mountain hay. Comforting warmth floods the body. The sweat purifies and frees the body. The essences of various alpine herbs relax, rejuvenate and give new strength and a sense of wellbeing.

The hay bath is an ancient healing method with a long tradition. The hay has beneficial effects on the body:

  • it relieves rheumatic pain
  • the blood circulation is stimulated
  • tight muscles and tendons are relaxed
  • it strengthens the immune system

Duration 30 min. € 38,00


Aromatic oil massage

Through a gentle massage with essential oils and warm massage oil, the harmony of body, mind and soul is reinforced. The nervous system is calmed and the defences are strengthened.

Duration 50 min. € 53,00


Massage peeling

The manual massage on the warm sand couch, using a mixture of Himalayan salt and essential oils, stimulates the blood circulation and the lymphatic system, and it has a peeling and purifying effect. For a smooth and silky skin.

Duration 50 min. € 45,00
just peeling 25 min. € 24,00



Cupping is a treatment that uses vacuum glass bells on certain areas of the skin (back, knee). The defence system is stimulated to increased activity. Head, neck, shoulder and back tensions are released. Cupping helps to relieve stress.

Duration 30 min. € 39,00


Sound bowl massage

In the sound bowl massage we place the sound bowls on the clothed body, or they are held over the body and struck. With certain tones and sound combinations we create physical and mental well-being

Duration 50 min. € 52,00


The Ägyptos Vital Wrap

Already in ancient times people took advantage of the healing powers of the sea. This knowledge about the oriental beauty rituals was rediscovered and so the Egyptian vital wraps were created by the latest scientific findings. The best natural active ingredients, the pleasant wrapping of the body with warm cotton bandages and the special figure-shaping wrapping technique achieve remarkable immediate results:

  • conjures up an enviably firm skin
  • improves cellulite visibly
  • reduces centimeter exactly at the problem zones
  • relieves tension
  • gives new strength and energy

Full body wrap, duration 120 min. € 110,00

Partial body wrap, duration 70 min. € 85,00   

Quick method with only 5 bandages, duration 45 min. € 45,00