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Date: 02.10.2021 – 30.10.2021
Price: ab 419,00€

What do we mean by “origins”? Does it stir memories of the past, or is it reminiscent of the unadulterated, the pure, the unmanipulated? Possibly a little of all the above. We invite you to join us on a mind, body and spirit experience of our origins: Delve into the world of herbs, or take a trip from blossom to jar along the Honey Trail. “A stroll to the past” takes us on a trip to farming life of bygone years, while the “From Corn to Bread” tour offers you the chance to see traditional manual labour up close on a tour to the mill, where you can also try your hand at bread making and enjoy a tasting session.

Inclusive services:

  • 7 nights’ B&B / half-board or apartment accommodation
  • Delve into the World of Herbs
  • “From Blossom to Jar” – A guided bee tour with an insight into honey production and a tasting session
  • “A Stroll to the Past” – A trip into farming life of bygone years
  • “From Corn to Bread” – A trip to the mill in the Jaufensteg Valley with bread-making and a bread-tasting session with a variety of breads
  • Souvenir gift

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